Hello! Im Shelby.

I am so glad you found your way here.

I know I am here on this earth to take photos and to document the way your love feels. With every scenario of your big day what pours from the images I love creating is the way you feel when your with your person. The way they look at you and the way you feel when entangled in each others arms. The tear that comes down when you’re laughing so hard at one of their terrible badly placed "thats what she said" jokes and the tears that fall when you know that this is the person who has become your home and your forever. Those are the things that make your love unique and unlike the next love story and those are the things that you will feel from my photos. 

I don't want to just show up and take "great" photos, I want to tell your love story in the creative, authentic, messy, and real way that it is. 

I love sharing pinterest boards and texts of all the little details that will make up your unique wedding and I love getting to know my clients through their Instagram and through the conversations we have over margaritas. I would love to meet you and discover your story, lets hang out and chat!


I believe in capturing your love for each other. Not perfectly looking smiles directed at the camera but real authentic and unfiltered moments.