The Munsons

My best friend who lives in Baltimore told me that her friend was going to get married and was wondering if I could shoot it. I was like what?!?! A wedding I can travel for and see my best friend? Im down. 

So I jumped on a plane and headed to Maryland.

I had never really spent time with Alesha but I met her a few years ago when she came with to KC with my bestie. It was no question whether or not to do her wedding, she's freaking beautiful and absolutely sweet.


The day was super smooth and relaxed which made getting ready all the more exciting. I genuinely loved being there while they were getting hair and make up done because of how much fun they were having. I then went to shoot the bridal party pictures and had a blast as they were looking FABULOUS! The venue was spot on and the Bride and Groom were the best people to work with. Here are the rest of my favorites!


Last month I was blessed with having a random week off from work. I was of course screaming on the inside because laying around at home is my favorite thing to do. I literally could stay inside (if food is available, thats important) for maybe a week or so.  I'd organize my closets, probably try on all my clothes I never wear, do yoga (which i never do), watch lots of reality shows, and dance and take a bath or something. Like, thats the life.

But since I do most of that on the weekends anyway, I tried to take advantage and actually do something on my staycation. I was thinking where could i go for the day thats far away but still relatively close to home. I thought I could go to Lawrence, but Ive been there and it doesn't seem like quite the adventure i'm looking for. Ive been to Omaha, St. Louis, and Weston. So I thought what about Oklahoma? Ive only driven through, so I googled how far Oklahoma city was from Kansas City.... and it was a little too far for what I had in mind. So I thought, wheres Tulsa? Turns out its just a little over three hours from KC. 

So I turned to my friend Erin (which you will see pretty much only pictures of her) and said "You down?" and off we went.

I wanted to stop to see a cool coffee shop, super cute shops, and something random. I realized in my googling efforts that Route 66 flows a little through where we were going. Nothing to awesome but a few landmarks to say the least. On the way I had mapped out 2 random roadside attractions. You know those things you see on the side of the road and you're like what in the? Like that huge Morel Mushroom on the way to Springfield. I found the Blue Whale of Catoosa (I couldnt get a great photo of the outside but the first two pictures where from inside which I thought was cool). I also found out that THE WORLDS LARGEST TOTEM POLE was on our way... whatever that means. Ya'll I think it was the funnest part of our day, there was nothing crazy about it or anything over the top but it was just being there with your friend like, huh, this things the worlds largest. 

After we made it into town we went to lunch at a cute diner that I cant remember the name of but was super cute. Also, Cirque coffee, cause duh. And then Jo and June, Jenkins and Co, and Retro Den. So go check thees places out if your ever in Tulsa.

Anyways I had a blast being with her and day tripping it.