Rebekah and Michael's Kansas City Church Wedding

One thing I know for sure is that the love between these two is the sweetest, most genuine and pure thing Ive ever seen. He is always looking at her the way I look at bread. I mean just pure adoration.

Their wedding was my first of the season and they started it off right! They got married in a beautiful church in Kansas on a typical midwestern type of weather filled day. Seriously. It started raining the hour we were supposed to take photos outside and ya know what?! We made it work!!! Also, the bridesmaids and Im sure everyone else, was just praying that it would go away. So after the first few photos we took the sun came out and made its appearance! We literally had rain, sun, and ice on the ground. Yup, thats the midwest for you.

Here are some of my favorites from the day. Besides the love from these two that was outpoured and I mean oozing from every pore of their being, one thing I loved about this wedding was their family and friends. Their mamas were crying and just filled with love and their friends really stepped it up and stood by these guys sides. I mean how can you not?! You know they really love each other. Congrats guys! I loved shooting this!